Khalid Chaudry
(m) 's-Gravenhage

17. K.A. (Khalid) Chaudry

Strong believer in Global Solidarity, Peace & Justice, Universal Charter of Human Rights, Civic & Civic Rights, Gender Equality,Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion,Humanity, Compassion, Tolerance, Human Dignity & Harmony.

That’s why I adore, support & endorse the election manifesto of ‘vandeRegio and Piratenpartij Netherlands.
I’m against all kinds of Military Interventions, Wars, Civil Wars, Looting and Plundering of Natural & National Resources (may it be by ruling elites or external factors) and all kind of corruption.
I’m equally against extremism, fanaticism, terrorism, fascism, racism, discrimination, hatred, violance.

European Union have been a source of inspiration, hope for me. Believing in positive role of the ‘ Mother of the Parliaments ‘ (The European Parliament), that this democratic institution, helps European Stability, Security and Solidarity & Harmony, at the same time contributing towards the global peace, justice and prosperity at planet earth.

Having sufficient life long experience in politics (back in country of my origin Pakistan, as well as in the Netherlands , where I could participate 3x in Dutch Parliamentary Elections, 3x in the Local Government of the City of the The Hague and 1x for the Provincial Assembly).

I, very honestly & sincerely believe, if elected in upcoming European Elections 2019, I might be playing a strong role in the fields of my expertises and passion.